Upcoming Events

  • Restorative Yoga Weekend
    Fri, Jun 25
    Green River Inn
    "I wanted to create experiences for people where they felt completely taken care of, where all the work is done for them, and in addition to the yoga on the mat, we'd also explore amazing places and adventures as a way to live our yoga!" ~ Carrie Kaufman
  • Wellville Weekend
    Thu, Jul 15
    The Green River Inn
    The End of Unworthy. Find YOUR path, purpose and healing journey.
  • Awaken Your Psychic Consciousness
    Fri, Jul 30
    The Green River Inn
    Messages from Heaven (tm) Gallery Readings with Rebecca Anne LoCicero. Learn how to awaken your Intuition. Meditations to guide you on your journey & Human Design class to clarify your purpose and unique intuition tools.