Lab # 64

Gene Key Clearing

Human Design & Emotion Code

Clearing Victim Energy

Have you ever thought, "I'm not even aware of what is blocking me from optimal health"?  Well, the simple answer is FEAR.  The energy of fear in the body prevents us from sustaining health and wellness in our life.  The Human Design chart has 64 gates from the I'Ching.  Each of these gates has energy where we can get stuck in the victim consciousness because of our past.  This process uses muscle testing, emotion code, and your unique human design to help you clear conditioning in each of the 64 gates.  It's like having a clean slate to start your healing journey without delving into the negative experiences that created this low-frequency energy in the body. 

Examples:  Gate 10 (Self-love) Victim of Self-obsession.  This gate is off the G-center (Heart Chakra) and is not about ego (will center). This energy is the victim of unworthiness.  When you become conditioned into believing you are unworthy of love, joy, peace & abundance it can become obsessive and bleed into all aspects of your life.  The true energy of this gate is to see your love for yourself as the source of true creative power.  Gate 26 (Integrity) found in the high heart or will center is Victim of Egoism or lack of grit.  This gate holds the energy of the thymus gland which can affect your killer T-Cells (immune response).  This can lead to an auto-immune response to the not-self.