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Lab # 65

Heart Wall Removal

What is a Heart-Wall
Did you know most of us have a Heart-Wall that we have created at some point in our lives when life has been too overwhelming or to protect us from negative events in our lives. It is like a bomb shelter that we build around our hearts to protect us when we are experiencing deep grief, loss, or pain. We build a wall of trapped emotions one at at time, layer by layer to protect our hearts from being hurt. The problem is if we do not release these emotions they can cause damage to the heart. Creating feelings of isolation and numbness.
The Heart-Wall will create over time depression. We are often told to follow our hearts but with a Heart-Wall that can be a very difficult thing to do. It can create an abundance-block and prevent success. It can be hard to give and receive love.
Physically one can have neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, and lowered immunity. It can also result in physical heart problems. Life can become very difficult when you have a Heart-Wall. The Body Code can identify and remove these emotions. Many people will feel like a weight has been lifted and that they can breathe better when the Heart-Wall is removed.